Hidden Legacy Film

Now that this documentary film about Japanese cultural performing arts in the camps is almost over, I can't help but reflect on how this all came about. All this happened because of my passion for the art of koto. For a long time, I've been curious about the history, the one that started when my mother learned koto in camp. There were others who had similar experiences. I realized that these stories will die if no one captures them now. I am not an academic, so I can only cover these stories … [Read more...]

Japanese Kimono – a lost art?…

While interviewing the various artists of Japanese cultural arts for the film, I noticed one very important part of all Japanese arts which isn't discussed as much: the beautiful and exquisite kimono.  To tell you the truth, I tried to "ignore" the kimono for a long time.  Wearing a kimono in the classic sense is not an easy undertaking.  Most modern Japanese don't even own a kimono, and only wear it for weddings or a funerals, which they often rent or borrow.  Generally speaking, buying a … [Read more...]